Welcome to GIPS

Global Indian Public School (GIPS) is a co-educational institution managed by Global Educational Trust, Kodikulam,Thodupuzha. The school is located at East Kodikulam by the side of the announced Kochi-Theni highway, Idukki district, Kerala. It is 8.5 km from Thodupuzha East and 7 km from Vannappuram.The school is situated amidst nature`s blessed lush greenery. The location is tranquil and it is quite the right place for a center of learning to function and prosper.The school is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education, (CBSE) New Delhi with (Affiliation Number :931093). We have classes up-to secondary level.


School Mission

  • To offer an environment dedicated to instilling love and care for all creations of this universe.
  • To provide an ambience for the all-round development of mind, body and spirit of the students.
  • To deliver an educational experience dedicated to inspiring every child to reach his or her full potential in all spheres of life.To introduce and inspire progressive global learning standards.
  •  To prepare children for life.


School Vision

To empower the student community with knowledge and skills that will support them as life learners, istanbul escort contribute their potential to the best and be part of the global world and practice the core values of the school, together, istanbul escort towards excellence.


The School Logo displays  a sharp pen nib imposed on an open book with a burning flame rising out of it. In the background is the globe with the school motto `Together Towards Excellence`,inscribed around it.The ‘Indian Tri-Colour ‘ circumscribes the entire logo with its proud colours.

The pen and the open book symbolise education and the burning flame of eternal knowledge.The school motto is self explanatory."The school is intends to achieve excellence with the major stakeholders- students,teachers and the management striding towards the common goal of academic excellence,hand-in-hand".The globe at the background symbolises the global aspirations of our students-the responsible global citizen of tomorrow.The proud Indian tricolor represents the patriotic fervor, signifying the fact that the school and the students hold fast to Indian values,albeit being global citizens.